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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real Genius

If these geniuses in the GOP end up winning this fight on health care, we should all give up. Because look at the intellectual rigor they bring to the debate.

Michael Steele:

CNN: What type of health insurance do you have? Do you get that through the RNC?

STEELE: Yup, through my employer.

CNN: What company is it?

STEELE: Uhh. BlueCross BlueShield, I believe. Or maybe not.

Elsewhere today, Steele names four policies that would reduce health care costs, former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough calls him out for being full of crap, and Steele treats him like his dad telling him he can't borrow the car.

"Spare me." Hilarious.

Elsewhere, Jim DeMint thinks he came up with a cunning plan by deliberately stating Republican strategy to use the lives of the uninsured as a proxy to "beat" Obama.

These guys make me pine for Ronald Reagan. He was wrong, but at least he had an original point (at the time) and could speak in complete sentences (again, at the time).

Seriously, if we don't end up running circles around these guys, we're really sunk.

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