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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1/4 of a Blog Post

Robert Novak dies.

(insert homespun wisdom about a family member - perhaps a cherished old aunt - saying something about not having something nice to say and then not saying anything at all)

...this, however, is priceless:

In his memoir, Mr. Novak said he would not have used Plame's name if the CIA director or the agency's spokesman told him it would have endangered national security or Plame's life. A CIA spokesman had twice warned Mr. Novak not to print Plame's name but could not reveal why to Mr. Novak because her status was classified.

Nobody told him that outing a CIA agent would harm national security, right, so Novak ignored warnings by the CIA to not out a CIA agent without actually saying why, because that would... out a CIA agent.

Rest in... something.

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