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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Facts On My Teevee

Matt Taibbi, in what may be his final appearance on Morning Joe.

Was it disclosed on the show that Maria Bartiromo is married to a CEO of an investment services company and routinely interviews corporate titans in whose company she owns stock? Come to think of it, has that EVER been disclosed on the NBC family of networks?

John Ridley finally figured out in the end that the cries from the elite about how "we have the best health care in the world" doesn't mean a thing to the large majority of the country who cannot access that level of care. To that majority, their version of US health care includes the ER or Remote Area Medical or nothing at all. That's not the best health care in the world. That's a human tragedy. And the haves are the ones shouting at town halls while the have-nots quietly suffer.

But we must not get shrill.

...more Taibbi!!!

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