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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Great North Korean Thaw?

What's up with Lil' Kim and the gang over in North Korea? First, they release two American journalists who they accused of "hostile acts." Then they send their condolences to South Korea on the death of Kim Dae-jung, and plan to send a delegation to the funeral, an unusual show of diplomacy between the two countries who are technically still at war. And then, they set up a meeting with Bill Richardson, out of the clear blue sky:

Senior North Korean diplomats are heading to meet with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on Wednesday, opening a new front in informal discussions the country has sought in recent days.

The two diplomats, who are with the North Korean mission to the United Nations, sought out Richardson for the latest encounter, an official said. Richardson is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. He last visited North Korea two years ago, on a mission to retrieve the remains of Korean War veterans.

The DPRK has not committed to returning to six-party talks. But there are a lot more constructive actions going on now than when they were firing off rockets every two weeks. Perhaps the nuclear tests actually failed? Maybe Bill Clinton let them know that the US knew about that? Or maybe they just wanted the respect of an ex-President coming to their doorstep?

Who knows, but aside from Afghanistan, which is a horror show, Obama's foreign policy is really starting to pay off.

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