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Monday, August 31, 2009

I'd Be Honoréd

Late last week, rumors surfaced that Gen. Russell Honoré would run in the Louisiana Senate primary as a Republican. Today, Honoré not only dismissed the rumor, but claimed that he's not even a Republican.

Retired Army Gen. Russel Honoré, who has been on a daylong media tour trying to knock down rumors that he was looking at a possible run for Senate in a Republican primary challenge against Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), has given his most specific denial to date, the Louisiana Weekly reports.

Honoré said he did not even know Joe Berry, the Republican consultant who claimed to have met with him to discuss a bid. "I am not running for office," said Honoré. "I don't know who this is. I was not at my home two weeks ago. I have no idea who this gentleman could be."

He also strongly disavowed that he was even a registered Republican, and that an official spokesman named Charles Lamley had said he was not ruling out a run: "I never declared myself as a Republican during the Reagan Administration. I have never lived in Zachary as he claimed. I have never heard of Charles Lamley."

Well, if I was intrigued by Honoré before, I'm REALLY intrigued now. He never denied that he would run for the seat, saying that "as of this time, I'm not running for any political office." That means he's susceptible to a draft effort. Honoré has made no mention of his political ideology other than saying he never declared himself a Republican. But we know he has some sense of honor and a take-no-prisoners style. That puts him at least a notch above self-serving Blue Dogs like Charlie Melancon, the Democrat running for the seat. And Louisiana has an open primary, where Honoré could run statewide instead of having to beat Melancon in a primary.

I'll say this, an Honoré candidacy as a Democrat - or even an independent - would be extremely strong, if he could raise the money. Who'll start the draft effort?

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