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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PA-Sen: Sestak's Good Framing On The Public Option

Barack Obama is going to stump for Arlen Specter, and there's no question Specter isn't the problem right now in the health care debate. But this video from Joe Sestak shows the difference - which actually is more one of rhetoric than anything.

To be clear, Sestak is on board with a public option because the primary is moving both candidates to the left. But he can talk about it FAR better than Specter, and that means something. Health care is bogged down in Washington right now because it doesn't have enough good advocates. The talking points Sestak used in his forum are some that I haven't heard from other politicians - that the premiums cover the public option, that $23 million to CEOs would be wiped out under it, etc.

We have plenty of Democratic votes, of varying degrees of progressivism. What we have in short supply are Democratic leaders. Sestak actually didn't leave a great impression during his Netroots Nation forum, although he was much better in the breakout session. But this video shows some pretty solid leadership.

Also, this is a video you would never see on traditional media because nobody's holding up a sign of Obama in a Hitler mustache or screaming at the top of their lungs. I guess that means it doesn't count.

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