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Friday, August 14, 2009


He had a really good opening, about how all members of the military are Democrats, they just don't even know it.

He's generally doing well, with a strong backing of climate change and energy legislation and health reform (particularly the duopoly of the insurance market in PA). Got tripped up a bit by going into the weeds trying to explain his FISA vote. Sestak is a moderate, mainstream Democrat who can go on opposition media and state the Democratic case with authority. That's not a little thing.

Savaging Specter on his role in killing the Clinton health care reform in the 1990s. "Leadership is not just about crisis, but preventing crisis."

Susie asks the right question: the netroots "will you still love me tomorrow" question, where politicians say one thing to us before the election, and then distance after. "The girl under the bleachers who you won't take to the prom." Sestak's answer: "We try to get back to everyone." Sestak's great on constituent service, but that's not really what Susie is talking about. Sestak talks about various advisory groups he has, and maybe he should get a netroots advisory group.

Weird: "I hope you don't mind if I use the term blogosphere." Um, it's not a slur.

...strong on gay rights, he's always been a leader on repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, coming from the perspective of authority as the commander of a Navy ship... comes out for fully-inclusive ENDA!

Sestak's elevator pitch is very strong, the one moment where he has real emotion in his voice.

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