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Friday, August 07, 2009

Vote for D-Day in CREDO's state blogger poll

From an email from CREDO mobile:

CREDO Mobile and Netroots Nation are teaming up this year on the Blogger Awards program, under which three deserving bloggers will win a BlackBerry Curve smartphone and one year's unlimited service from CREDO. ...

Here's how it works. We'll be awarding one prize in each of three categories -- best national, state or local, and activist bloggers. Between now and 10 AM EDT August 15, you're invited to text in your votes to 27336 (that spells CREDO) in the following format: keyword
bloggername. Examples:

- National nolantreadway
- state david dayen
- activist maryrickles

So what do you need to do? Sent a text message to 27336 that says:

state david dayen

Help the hardest-working blogger in California win an award for his work.