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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

60 Again Shortly?

We're getting closer to Massachusetts being able to appoint an interim successor until the special election that will be held January 19 fills the slot once held by Ted Kennedy. I didn't think Massachusetts lawmakers would be constrained by appearances on this one. Plus, they are fulfilling the expressed desire of the electorate to have two Senators, including one who shares Ted Kennedy's beliefs and policy positions.

By the way, the whitewash of Kennedy from a liberal lion into the great conciliator and compromiser who would have bargained away the public option in a second is truly insidious. Jed Lewison, who was there during the Medicare Part D fight, has some good thoughts on this over at Daily Kos. In short, Kennedy opposed the Medicare deal because it became an industry trough-feed at the end. Despite this, conservatives keep parroting this "compromiser" spin, particularly with respect to that vote.

The reason for Fox's lie couldn't be more obvious: they desperately want Democrats to cave on the core elements of health care reform, and they think that creating a false narrative about Ted Kennedy will make their wish come true.

Ted Kennedy probably wouldn't want us to pass meaningful health care reform solely to honor his legacy. In fact, of all the reasons health reform needs to be passed, that's probably not even on the list.

But Ted Kennedy's passion for health care reform does inspire us to achieve the goal of universal, affordable coverage. And the record shows us that despite his best efforts, Republicans cannot be trusted to be fair partners in the process of getting there.


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