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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Affront

NBC's First Read, which has replaced The Note as a Village weathervane, is just awful depressed about the whole Joe Wilson saga coming up in the House today.

A Democratic House leadership aide confirmed to First Read that a resolution reprimanding South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson -- who shouted, “You lie” at President Obama during last week’s joint address to Congress -- will likely come this afternoon. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell adds the official language of the resolution is expected to be "short, direct, non-partisan," and it will address the "breach of decorum." Yet after House GOP leaders reportedly urged Wilson to apologize on the House floor, Minority Leader John Boehner said he would oppose the resolution, the New York Times says, adding: “Democrats are likely to paint the [GOP] stance as evidence of a lack of Republican respect for the House as an institution and an outgrowth of the unruly and uncivil atmosphere that marked town hall meetings in August.” Folks, it could be a very ugly day on Capitol Hill -- one of those days that explains why Americans, no matter their ideology, have a negative view of Congress.

I don't remember this rending of garments when was censured in Congress for using the words "General Betray-Us." There were probably some high fives among the Village elders for putting the hippies in their place. But now, when a Republican breaks a House rule and Democrats try to mildly take note of that fact, not with censure but a "resolution of disapproval," it's just sad and shows why all Americans should hate Congress.

Seems like a double standard at work.

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