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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Again, And His Point Was?

So Mel Zelaya breaks back into Honduras so he can hole up at the Brazilian Embassy, get his supporters tear-gassed, watch the nation fall under curfew and martial law and just sit there until the food ran out? This was the plan?

Honduran troops surrounded the Brazilian embassy where ousted President Manuel Zelaya was holed up with dwindling supplies and a few hundred supporters, diplomats and journalists.

Soldiers earlier fired tear gas and wielded truncheons to disperse around 4,000 pro-Zelaya demonstrators who had camped out overnight around the embassy to protect the man they see as the rightful leader of their country.

Electricity, water and telephone lines to the Brazilian embassy compound in the center of Tegucigalpa were all cut off as the de facto leadership tried to put the squeeze on Zelaya and force him out.

There were also reports of a clampdown on Zelaya's supporters, with human rights organizations in Honduras and elsewhere saying two demonstrators had been killed, others injured and hundreds arrested.

I think the ruling regime is acting in contravention of human rights and with dubious authority - Zelaya is not a Branch Davidian in a compound, and he shouldn't be treated like one. Still, I don't understand the strategy. There are apparently a bunch of kids trapped in that embassy with Zelaya, with no food. How does this help Zelaya's cause, which has a shelf life of three months before the next elections anyway?

...The interim President now says he'll talk with Zelaya. So maybe that was the point, to create an international incident to break the deadlock. There was a human cost for that, however.

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