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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Burning The Midnight Oil With CA-10

If you want to follow results and find that the SoS site is too slow, just look to Contra Costa County. They have a much larger slice of the population than any other area. I've added up the preliminary results in each of the four counties for the four main opponents, and Garamendi already has close to a 9,000-vote lead:

Garamendi: 22,345
DeSaulnier: 13,827
Buchanan: 9,955
Woods: 6.872

Furthermore, DeSaulnier is performing horribly outside of CoCo County, so he would actually have to win there and probably by a fairly decent amount to have any shot of catching Garamendi. Which I wouldn't bet on.

UPDATE by Dave: My current numbers are:

Garamendi: 23,151 23,870
DeSaulnier: 14,323 14,925
Buchanan: 10,428 10,722
Woods: 7,191 7,485

Sacramento County (only about 1,500 registered CA-10 voters) is all in, and Garamendi beat DeSaulnier there 179-5. Adriel Hampton pulled more votes than DeSaulnier up there. Alameda is all in too, and Solano and CoCo are over 50%. Garamendi is extending his lead in these numbers. He'll be the next Congressman from CA-10.

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