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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Defense Of American Jobs

I remember when I was told on a daily basis that the President's greatest responsibility was to protect the American people. Well, this President just did that. He protected their jobs.

In a break with the trade policies of his predecessor, President Obama announced on Friday night that he would impose a 35 percent tariff on automobile and light-truck tires imported from China [...]

The decision signals the first time that the United States has invoked a special safeguard provision that was part of its agreement to support China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Under that safeguard provision, American companies or workers harmed by imports from China can ask the government for protection simply by demonstrating that American producers have suffered a “market disruption” or a “surge” in imports from China.

Unlike more traditional anti-dumping cases, the government does not need to determine that a country is competing unfairly or selling its products at less than their true cost.

The International Trade Commission had already determined that Chinese tire imports were disrupting the $1.7 billion market and recommended that the president impose the new tariffs. Members of the commission, an independent government agency, voted 4-2 on June 29 to recommend that President Obama impose tariffs on Chinese tires for three years. Mr. Obama had until this coming Thursday to make a decision.

China undercuts the global market through manipulating their currency and treating their workers like slaves. America can stand by and do nothing as jobs fly away and the manufacturing base gets obliterated, or they can act under their own trade laws to do something about it. The inconvenient fact is that we don't have free trade; every country acts to protect their interests. And so should we.

Very good move by the President. Dave Johnson has more.

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