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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good News From Maine

Some encouraging news out of Maine:

A new public poll from Democracy Corps was released yesterday, showing us with a slight lead this race 50% to 41%, a significant jump from kos's numbers from the other week of 46-48.

The numbers are encouraging, but it's that 9% undecided that will determine this race. The investment of our supporters has allowed us to get on TV before our opponents and counter every lie they have tossed at us.

This is exactly slightly better position, from my recollection, than Prop. 8 at this time last year. But clearly, it's very close, and the undecideds will be crucial.

Establishment looky-loos will be checking out VA-Gov and NJ-Gov and possibly NY-23 (which has a conservative, a liberal Republican and a conservative Democrat duking it out, so I don't know how it'll be that descriptive) on November 3 to see if Democrats or Republicans have momentum heading into next year. I would advise them to take a look at this race. In a long-term sense, the winner of the equality fight in Maine will point the way forward for the country. We'll see if we're ready to embrace the future yet. The No on 1 folks are doing a great job so far, and I have faith that they can make this work.

I hate to do back-to-back fundraising pitches, but it is the end of the quarter. Give to No on 1, you'll be happy you were on the right side of history.

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