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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Great Escape

So this Mel Zelaya guy actually snuck back into the country somehow.

Honduran authorities have mobilised riot police, declared a curfew and shut airports after the dramatic return of Manuel Zelaya, the president ousted in a coup three months ago.

The interim government scrambled to keep control after being caught off-guard by Zelaya's appearance on Monday at the Brazilian embassy in the capital Tegucigalpa, where he drew throngs of supporters.

The deposed leader sneaked back into the central American country - apparently travelling in a car boot and a tractor, among other means - and from the sanctuary of the embassy vowed to retake power.

"I want to tell you I am committed to the Honduran people and I am not going to rest one day, one minute, until the dictatorship is toppled," he told hundreds of cheering, chanting supporters.

My question: what exactly is the plan here? Zelaya's a wanted man in the country, though by staying in the Brazilian embassy he'll probably be all right. There's an election scheduled in a month and a half, after which point he cannot really make a claim to the Presidency anymore. The Honduran government basically held firm and refused to negotiate, and while Zelaya can certainly cause trouble for them, in the end I don't see any game plan to get him back in power for the remaining couple months of his term. Even the United States has essentially given up.

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