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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laying Down With Extremist Dogs

Most of you probably know about Tom Coburn chief of staff Michael Schwartz and his "all porn makes you gay" speech at the Values Voters summit over the weekend. The problem with mainstreaming extremists like this, giving them a platform and a position, is that they end up entangling your entire party once they become recognizable.

OK, so we've conclusively determined that Michael Schwartz is a totally bonkers, extreme, homophobic, hate-filled bigot. But what, you ask, does that have to do with Virginia? Well, believe it or not, there's a Bob McDonnell connection and a pretty strong one at that. Yes, McDonnell's theocratic thesis is about to bite him in the butt (or maybe "impale" him?) once again. First, check out page 91, where McDonnell cites an article ("Keeping Daycare in the Family") by the very same Michael Schwartz who appears in the above video and crazy quotes. Now, go to page 40, where McDonnell quotes "Free Congress Director Michael Schwartz" talking about the "division between those whose conservatism is defined by dollar signs and those whose conservatism is rooted in the family." Of course, Schwartz (and an obviously approving McDonnell) falls on the "family values" side of the conservative spectrum, believing for instance that "the day-care question...[is] a family issue (how to help families care for their children)" as opposed to an economic or workplace issue (e.g., women going to work and putting their children in day care).

Now the gubernatorial candidate in a hotly-contested race has to answer questions about whether he agrees that porn makes you gay (if there's one thing conservative bubbas love, by the way, it's their porn, so that answer has to be delicate) and all sorts of other nutty things that Schwartz has said on the record. Putting Michael Schwartz in a position of responsibility in your party has short-term rewards, but does severe long-term damage.

See also this wingnut blogger consorting with known racists in the Council of Conservative Citizens. Long-term, these dalliances with extremists will destroy the party.

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