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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MA-Sen: Paul Kirk For Appointment

Major Garrett sez that former DNC Chair and Kennedy family friend Paul Kirk will be named as the temporary Senator from Massachusetts tomorrow. Many expected Mike Dukakis to be the pick, but Kirk, as a former DNC Chair, is probably a much safer choice from the standpoint of following leadership. And the Kennedy family reportedly sought him out.

He'll basically be Roland Burris for a few months until Massachusetts elects a new Senator. Don't expect bold leadership from Paul Kirk.

...there is this troublesome bit, that the bill needs to be passed with a 2/3 vote under emergency rules in order to take effect immediately. Alternatively, Deval Patrick could call an emergency and sign the legislation, but that would probably elicit a court challenge and tie up the seating of any Senator. The bills, when passed, did not get a 2/3 vote, by the way.

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