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Friday, September 18, 2009


It's really not worth spending one minute on Orly Taitz, the Queen of all Birthers. But it's certainly the most amusing part of the right-wing freak show out there right now. After being told by a federal judge that she would face sanctions if she ever darkened his courtroom again with frivolous lawsuits, Taitz suggested that the judge be tried for treason. As a result:

Now, in response to Taitz's comments to TPM calling the judge corrupt and suggesting he should be tried for treason, a fellow member of the California bar has filed a formal complaint against Taitz.

"I respectfully request that you investigate Ms. Taitz's conduct and impose an appropriate sanction. She is an embarrassment to the profession," writes Subodh Chandra, who practices in Ohio and is also an inactive member of the California bar.

Read Chandra's full complaint right here. Chandra was a Democratic candidate for Attorney General of Ohio in 2006 and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention last year.

This really needs to end with her disbarred so she can go back to being a real estate agent and beautician, or whatever her eight other jobs were. Crazy person.

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