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Monday, September 07, 2009

Read Every Third Word Backwards And You'll See It, Man

by dday

Here's the text of the big speech that will indoctrinate our kids and turn them into a socialist Army of children crusaders. Sure, the message to the kids appears to be to stay in school and work hard and reach their potential. But everyone knows that it's not the text, it's the subtext. For example, I heard that the camera was going to show Obama from the waist down, and his smooth pelvic thrusts and hip twists would turn the kids into violent, sex-starved maniacs. I think he learned it all from this book.

Sadly, America's great hero in fighting back against messages to children about the value of hard work, Florida GOP chair Jim Greer, is now cravenly capitulating by approving of the Obama speech. How could he? Doesn't he know that Obama's eyes have the power to hypnotize the pre-teen set into becoming unthinking, rabid, spittle-flecked followers of the grisly philosophy of moderate technocratic fixes that fall short of sweeping changes and keep in place the dominant corporate power structure? Now is not the time to give up! Just because we got rid of one communist (green jobs? Try red jobs!) doesn't mean that others aren't lurking.

Yours in the resistance,

A crazy person

P.S. As I was saying.

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