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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Glenn Beck of September 16 is mad that Jimmy Carter called Joe Wilson's outburst racist.

BECK: Nobody is saying we’re blowing children up or anything like the Taliban. But this is the same kind of tactic being used now in America. You can’t get your agenda, so you unleash the hounds and point the fingers, and everybody is a racist.

Glenn Beck of July 28: Obama is a racist.

There's also the issue of how, for the oppressed whites on the right, the worst kind of racism is calling someone a racist, not actual racists engaging in racist actions.

Still, the hypersensitive to fictional allegations of racism highlights once again the basic outlook of the contemporary conservative movement on race. Actual racism against racial minorities is, according to conservatives, a trivial or non-existence problem. By contrast, anti-racism gone too far (often known as “political correctness”) is seen as a huge social problem against which one must always be on guard.

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