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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yacht Party Member Equal In Value To An Empty Chair

As Robert notes in an update, OC Assemblyman and noted utility lobbyist spanker Mike Duvall resigned his seat effective immediately.

Looking past for a moment the hilariousness of the family values Republican bragging about his multiple mistresses, and the very serious allegations of sex-for-favors with lobbyists, which should be investigated by the Ethics Committee and state prosecutors, there's a point to be made about the 2/3 requirement here.

Duvall's resignation reduces the number of lawmakers in the Assembly by one. Democrats now hold 50 seats, Republicans 28, with Juan Arambula as a Dem-leaning independent. However, because you need 2/3 voting affirmatively to pass a budget or tax increases, not 1/3 voting negatively to block it, this changes nothing in Sacramento. Duvall's seat being empty is pretty much the same as him voting no on everything. So unless Democrats can capitalize and win the seat (and I highly doubt it in that district), it's not useful from a voting perspective.

Just thought you should know, being a Yacht Party member is literally the same as not existing.

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