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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rope. Tree. Justice.

A peek into the minds of the teabaggers.

From Burt Prelutsky's August 3 column:

When it comes to our national security, keeping the likes of Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank and John Kerry in the loop would be the height of insanity. The only loop appropriate for most of the ninnies in Congress is one hanging from the branch of a very tall tree.

So far as I can tell, the only real difference between members of Congress and cockroaches is that one of the two species has a few more legs than the other.

Every Republican officeholder should be asked the question: are you with civil discourse, or with those advocating the lynching of Democratic politicians?

Health care will not be won by putting out bullet-pointed debunks. It will be won by calling attention to lobbyist-supported and -funded lynch mobs.

...we know where these riots will take place. They can be documented. The ringleaders can be questioned. They can be asked about Obama's birth certificate. They can be asked about Democrats (with the expected answer something like the call for lynching above). They can discredit themselves with their own words.

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