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Friday, December 07, 2007

CA-04: Tom Hudson In Our Corner

Thank the Lord for small favors. Tom Hudson, the head of the Placer County Republican Party, is squarely on the side of John Doolittle in his re-election fight. With any luck, Doolittle will perform to form in this supposed Republican poll Hudson is waving around.

The poll shows that John Doolittle will easily defeat any and all primary opponents. The vicious attacks and false allegations against him have failed and he has a lock on the Republican nomination. The Associate Press leaked this information in its article, but did not give any specific details. Here are the facts: Doolittle not only wins the Republican primary election, but he would completely destroy anyone who foolishly ran against him. He would defeat Eric Egland by nearly 50 points and Ted Gaines by 30 points. Not one of the candidates who have been mentioned as possibly challenging Doolittle would even come close to being able to defeat him in the Republican primary next June.

I will move to Placer County and register Republican to proudly cast my vote for John Doolittle. He's not only the best opportunity for a Charlie Brown victory and a flipped seat in November, but it would be poetic justice for Brown to vanquish Doolittle. Not only that, but Hudson admits that Doolittle is behind Brown in a general election match-up. We knew that; a Republican poll released a few months ago showed Charlie up by 20 points.

Thank you, Tom Hudson. Don't cut Doolittle loose!

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