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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Greatest Headline For A Democratic Landslide

"Bush To Endorse McCain At White House Tomorrow"

That's what's going to happen, according to MSNBC. And, he's going to campaign for him.


There should be a major protest in every place he tries to set his foot. Bush should be RADIOACTIVE.

And the pictures from tomorrow should be on every Democratic flyer and mailer from now to the election.

You know Bush is deluded enough to think he can actually help a nominee. I say bring 'em on.

UPDATE: This is about one thing and that's money. McCain is having trouble raising it. Bush is going to be used at private fundraisers. Outside of tomorrow's laying-on-hands moment at the White House you'll never see a picture of him. But thre ought to be protests outside of those fundraisers that end up being bigger than the story.

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