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Thursday, April 03, 2008

SD-12: Kevin Spillane Is A Worthless Hack

I just want to start off this post right at the top, so he can see it, by saying that Denham flak Kevin Spillane is a worthless hack, and his little press release he wrote about me based on a recent blog post couldn't be more distorted and wrong. The state media is buying in to his stupid hissy fit, apparently unarmed with any institutional memory that goes back to 2003, that any California recall election against a Republican is an abuse of power. Grow some cajones, Kevin, and defend your candidate instead of inventing a boogeyman in the most hypocritical way possible. There will be a Democratic candidate, he'll come from the Central Valley, and he'll be a damn sight better than the unthinking automaton rubber stamp Jeff Denham turned out to be. If you can't defend your candidate you'll lose. Period.

And you'll have to defend him against these ads.

We sent Jeff Denham to Sacramento.
So how did he wind up with jet lag?
He spent thousands on travel - while the Senate was in session.
Airline tickets. Trips to Vegas. And a Sedona spa.
When he does show up, he's sleepwalking.
Denham held up the budget, hurting our schools
Denham said he wasn't taking raises - then secretly raised his pay by 20 percent.
The Fresno Bee called it "not quite honest."
Don't you deserve better?
Vote yes on the recall

Darn right. This isn't about process, it isn't about power grabs. It's hardball politics, and if you're going to run a campaign based on whining and griping you're going to lose. Jeff Denham is toast if this is your strategy.

Frank Russo has more.

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