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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hate The Troops Watch

Kagro X at the great Orange behemoth wrote a great post yesterday about House Appropriations Committee members voting to continue to send our troops over to Iraq without the proper equipment, body armor, rest times, and training. Whatever your feelings about the Iraq supplemental bill (I hate that it doesn't go far enough in enforcement of a deadline, and it's larded up with unrelated pork, but other than that...), any member of Congress dumb enough to let our soldiers go to war without everything they need for battle ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Under instructions from the National Republican Committee, George Allen, Conrad Burns, Rick Santorum, Jim Talent and others dutifully complied with their orders: say you support the troops, but vote to kill them.

This cold-blooded political manipulation cost thousands of brave Americans their lives over the course of four years, but only when the truth came to light did it cost these Republican traitors their jobs. Maybe it should have cost them much, much more, but the political system only gives us one option: dump politicians who vote to kill American troops.

We have two California Representatives who voted to put American lives in danger. There are about 10,000 reasons to dump Jerry Lewis and John Doolittle, but this is the most stark one. They both voted against giving our troops the body armor and equipment and rest and training they need before being shipped to Iraq.

I agree with Howie Klein:

There are no elected members of either house of Congress as dangerous to our country's safety and security as John Doolittle and Jerry Lewis.

Not only have both of these bloodsuckers drained the national treasury to give their defense contractor and lobbyist friends precious booty, they have talked about patriotism incessantly, yet committed the mostm unpatriotic act you can possibly commit, signing the death warrants of potentially thousands of Americans.

We have a great challenger to John Doolittle in Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charlie Brown, who came within a hair's breadth of defeating Doolittle last year. Reportedly, Tim Price may challenge Jerry Lewis in CA-41; he's committed to running if there's a special election to replace Lewis, should he be indicted (a possibility with both of these sorry excuses for public officials). We need to encourage Price to run and we need to support Charlie Brown, so we can rid this Congress of members who show nothing but contempt for our men and women in uniform.

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